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Data Center & Network Infrastructure

Data Center & Nework Infrastructure

The Technological Foundation of Business

While many businesses are embracing public cloud as part of their IT architecture, they continue to recognize the need for an on-prem private cloud whether in their own facilities or a co-location facility. This private cloud may serve various functions from supporting mission critical IT systems to development or research functions. Sometimes simply an important legacy application or service.

Continuing to keep your on-prem private cloud current with the latest technologies remains a key business priority. Across servers, storage, networking and virtualization, there may be opportunities to introduce cloud like services to improve IT capabilities and resiliency while improving financials.

As a premium infrastructure systems integrator, IDX has been supporting customers with infrastructure design, technology procurement, infrastructure & solution deployment, and managed operations. This has been a core offering in our solutions portfolio from the very beginning and continues to be to this day.


From the introduction of virtualization to the advent of containers, multi clouds and hybrid infrastructure, IDX has been a trailblazer in the virtualization space. Our virtualization and cloud experts have maintained a technological lead compared to other solutions providers and we continue to do so as a foundation of our Virtualization and Cloud practices.

Our depth of experience and knowledge has led to the development of a number of solutions and services around virtualization and the dynamic data centre.

Services around virtualization include:

  • Strategy & Advisory service
  • Architecture roadmaps
  • Technical & Network design
  • Physical to Virtual migration services
  • Template development and deployment
  • Managed Operations and support
  • VMware, Containers/Kubernetes (OpenShift, Tanzu, GKE, AKS) and OpenStack implementation and advisory services


“The network is the computer” is more relevant today than when the term was first coined by Sun Microsystems in the 1980s. Network architecture and the role it plays both in the service delivery aspect but also in the security functions is paramount to the successful operation of any business’ IT eco-system.

IDX’s team of network specialists are highly skilled and incredibly knowledgable in the world of networking – physical, virtual, multi-layered, geographic dispersed and telecom specific. Their capabilities are tapped on nearly every solution or project we deliver and are also offered as specialized solutions and services.

  • Network Architecture roadmaps
  • Network Design – logical & physical
  • Network Implementation
  • Network Audit
  • Network Performance Optimization
  • Network Remediation
  • Network equipment supply chain and procurement service
  • Network Operations as a Service

Enterprise Storage

Data is the lifeblood of any business and represents the digital, if not absolute crown jewels of any company. Storing it, managing it, maintaining it and protecting it are paramount to any business’ operation and on-going viability. Storage architectures and the technologies that enable them are keystones to achieving a robust, performant and secured IT eco-system.

For those business’ not exclusively relying on the cloud or cloud storage, Enterprise storage is a critical component of the IT infrastructure. As with all other forms of on-premise or private infrastructure understanding the current and future storage technologies and how they can be utilized to improve your business is an important objective. Enterprise storage has been a cornerstone of IDX solutions since our inception and we continue to counsel customers on which technologies to utilize, help them acquire such technologies, work with them to integrate these technologies into their IT eco-systems and where desired help operate those platforms.

Within the Enterprise Storage domain we offer a portfolio of services including:

  • Storage architecture roadmaps
  • Storage design
  • Storage deployment and implementation
  • Backup and Recovery solutions
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Data DR solutions
  • High Availability solutions
  • Enterprise storage supply chain and procurement services
  • Storage Operations as a Service

Converged Infrastructure

The objective of pre-integrated compute, storage, networking, and virtualization into a single solution with a unified and simplified management platform is compelling. For those business looking for this experience, the solutions available are robust, value packed and cost effective.

As with many new and newer technologies IDX invested quickly in developing expertise on this architecture and on how to successfully deploy and integrate these platforms into new as well as existing company IT eco-systems. That experience has afford us a great deal of knowledge in which solutions are best and how to efficiently and effectively deploy them into your business’ IT.

We offer a number of solutions and services around converged infrastructure including:

  • Converged & Hyper-Converged design & architecture
  • Deployment & Implementation
  • Converged systems operations SOP development
  • Converged systems operations support
  • Converged Systems supply chain and procurement services

Lab Infrastructure & Hardware

If your business maintains or is looking to maintain discrete IT infrastructure to support R&D or internal development activities, IDX can assist in procuring, deploying and operating your lab platforms.

IDX’s access to special programs, financing options, renting and leasing options offers companies access to the latest and best in class technologies in order to support their R&D, Development and Testing requirements.

If you are looking to build a lab, augement an existing lab, or looking to gain access to the latest state of the art or even pre-production technology, reach out to our Solutions & Sales group to discuss the various plans and programs that we can offer to support you in these endeavors.

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