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Innovation Services

Innovation Services

POC Strategy and Execution

Your IT requirements are continuously changing and evolving to match the demands of your business. Apps, technology, architectures, and designs are constantly changing, and the impacts of these innovations are often unknown. Wise businesses always look to innovate while at the same time managing risk associated with such advancements.

Evolving technologies, new architectures, and advanced designs can be competitive opportunities, but embracing them blindly can lead to unknown consequences and introduce unreasonable risk to your business.

Testing, experimenting, and validating are sound principles in assessing new innovations before investing and applying them to your business. IDX Proof of Concept services helps businesses rapidly evaluate technical and business opportunities driven by technological innovation.

Try before you buy

IDX Proof of Concept services was developed to help businesses, like yours, evaluate, understand and verify how such innovations can be utilized before making consequential technology and business investments. IT is the optimal “try before you buy” service.

Proof of Concept Workflow

Our POC Services follow a series of steps to manage POC engagements in a structured and systematic format. This ensures consistency and predictability in the POC process and governs a managed, monitored, and successful execution of the process.


IDX POC Lab provides you with secure, cutting-edge proof of concept testing infrastructure as well as access to our team of technology experts, allowing you to experiment, evaluate and prove technology innovation value before committing consequential investment.

Lab Infrastructure and Hardware

IDX POC Lab gives you access to a secure, cutting-edge proof-of-concept testing infrastructure as well as our team of technology specialists, allowing you to experiment, assess, and show the value of technology innovation before making a significant investment.

IDX Lab infrastructure consists of:
Physical Assets: Servers, Storage, Network elements – routers, switches, firewalls
Virtual Assets: VMware, Oracle Virtual Box, KVM, ZEN, Kubernetes, Docker
Cloud Services: AWS, Azure, GCS

Lab Support

Beyond just access to a technical environment offering access to technology, vendor products, and environment emulation capabilities, IDX POC Services can support your POC initiatives with technical support. Our team of technology specialists, product specialists, and architect/design resources are available to assist you in your proof of concept endeavors.

Rapid Prototype of Services

In today’s modern digital world, the ability to experiment and test a technological hypothesis, a product design, or a solution concept has never been more possible. Rapid execution time and the cost-effectiveness of utilizing prototyping methodologies have made it nearly mandatory to perform some type of prototyping process as part of a good risk management strategy.

The IDX Innovations team works with businesses looking to prototype a technological design, a new operating model, and all ideas in between. Our team assists clients in developing the prototype design, constructing the prototype, and testing the prototype utilizing our POC and Lab Infrastructure services.

Benefits of IDX POC Services

Our Proof of Concept services helps you realize your technology investment objectives faster, with less risk, and with minimal costs.

IDX supported POCs can be developed, constructed, tested, and validated in accelerated time frames. Enabling your business to assess the investment viability quicker, with limited financial exposure, and position your business for rapid production rollout if the POC proves the value and viability of the concept.

Innovation Services

Vendor Recommendation and Integration

At the core of IDX’s DNA is an insatiable appetite to be at the forefront of technology innovation. Always observing market dynamics, evaluating technology companies, assessing which technologies are the leaders, and which ones can change the market. We work on behalf of our customers to know which vendors, which products, which solutions can improve your agility, save you money, make your business more efficient, and improve your competitiveness.

We invest in understanding the technology industry to enable our team to honestly and competently make recommendations on which technologies and which vendors can best help your business. We also make investments in our technologists to be experts in the technologies we believe in and the ones we know can help our customers the best.

If you are looking for guidance and advice on which technologies and technology vendors can best help your business meet specific technological objectives, let our specialist guide you to the most cost-effective and best-fit solutions available.

And, if you are also looking for assistance in deploying and integrating these technologies, our technical specialists are trained and certified on all of the technologies we recommend.

Our expertise covers:
– Compute: physical & virtual servers, containers, cloud
– Storage: physical, cloud, NAS, Block
– Network: switches, routers, MEC, Wifi
– Security: firewall, IDS, DNS, SPAM
– Orchestration/Automation Software
– Retail Digital Infrastructure: POS, Digital Signage, Entry Security, Wireless

Innovation Services

Automation Solutions

Automation improves the efficiency of your business by minimizing or eliminating human involvement with IT systems and instead, uses software to complete activities to reduce costs, complexity, and errors.

Automation enables you to set up a single process to run without human involvement. Instead of a staff member performing a task by hand, a computer can follow a script and reliably perform a task quickly and as many times as necessary.

Automation makes time-intensive processes more efficient and reliable. A business can automate various repetitive tasks both on-premises and in the cloud, including:

– Provisioning a virtual server when there is a spike in traffic or usage.
– Launching a web or app server.
– Integrating a software API.
– Deploying security measures to an endpoint of an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) after a threat is discovered.
– Changing settings in configuration files.
– Sending info to a third-party app (e.g., a ticketing system).
– Adding a record to a database at the start of a batch job.

Innovation Services

Orchestration Solutions

IT teams must maintain a large number of servers and apps, but doing it manually isn’t scalable. The more complicated an IT system is, the more difficult it is to keep track of all the moving parts. As the requirement to combine numerous automated jobs and their configurations across groups of systems or machines grows, so does the demand to combine multiple automated tasks and their configurations across groups of systems or machines.

Orchestration refers to managing multiple automated tasks to create a dynamic workflow (e.g., deploying an app, connecting it to a network, and integrating it with other systems).

Automation can be looked at as a basic “if this, then that” process, orchestration manages many moving parts and requires advanced logic that can:

– Make decisions based on an output from an automated task.
– Branch out into different steps and actions.
– Coordinate multiple tasks at the same time.
– Adapt to changing circumstances and conditions.

Innovation Services

CI/CD pipeline Design and Deployment

CI and CD are the foundations of DevOps, and they have revolutionized the way developers and testers approach software releases. Continuous integration (CI) aids in the integration and sharing of code in mainline repositories, whereas continuous delivery (CD) allows for fast release cycles and defect-free distribution at any time. Automated CI/CD DevOps pipelines eliminate manual errors and drive feedback loops, allowing for rapid iterations that focus on product release.

CI and CD are a must in the modern era of technology, and they have revolutionized the way software is developed. Integrating CI and CD leads to faster builds and quicker deliveries, and in many ways has improved the quality of software. The core concept of this pipeline is about making changes to code. Its construction, testing, and delivery managed to be responsive to business requirements. The process includes code repository and version control, build and integration automation, release automation, delivery automation, and production automation. We provide design and deployment services as well as customized CI/CD implementation services to shape our client’s CI/CD process.

Our CI/CD practice consultants will:
– Analyze your delivery workflow
– Assess your requirements
– Build a strategized roadmap for your CI/CD implementation

Our CI/CD offerings provide design and deployment services, customized implementation of your CI/CD framework, and CI/CD platform solutions that suit your business’s needs.

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