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David Feraco


About David

As a key member of the executive team and head of operations, David co-leads the Company’s strategic advancements. He orchestrates the coordination of processes, people and technology to deliver on IDX’s relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. He also plays an instrumental role in igniting industry and client innovation through his work with IDX Labs. Under David’s leadership, IDX Labs has been essential to establish diversified revenue streams for the business and offer IDX customers and partners unmatched insights into the IT world. With the help of his leadership, IDX has grown year over year.

When David started with IDX as a young entrepreneur, he set out to prove that business and IT can work together, and he has. Through his 22 plus years with IDX, he has enabled the business and IT to deploy timely and effective strategic and complex solutions to realize significant cost optimization and new go-to-marketplace capabilities and competitive advantages. He is also responsible for developing and optimizing new financial models to empower customers to leverage, consume and resell IT services in today’s world.

On a personal front, David adores spending time in the outdoors with his wife and two children. He is an avid fan of sports and brings true meaning to the word fanatic when it comes to hockey.