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Information Technology Solutions

  • Cloud Summary
  • Data Center & Network Infrastructure
  • Automation Summary
  • Modern Workplace Solutions
  • Industries Summary

Cloud Summary

Public, Private, or Hybrid. Which path to choose? Which provider to use? What about security, data protection, access, integration? Many questions – we have the answers.

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Data Center & Network Infrastructure

Private data centers and internal networks are foundational even if you have embraced the cloud. Servers, storage, networking and virtualization are still core elements of today’s modern business. Our engineering and supply chain teams offer expert solutions in design, deployment, integration, operations, and procurement.

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Automation Summary

Automation is a driving force behind optimizing business efficiency and improving operations. Automation engines, machine learning, and AI are rapidly becoming primary key differentiators for many businesses in today’s competitive landscape. Let our team of automation experts show you how this technology can revolutionize your business operations.

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Modern Workplace Solutions

Traditional workplaces aren’t opening new doors! Modern workplace solutions are the new driving force behind business innovation, creativity, productivity, and increased revenue.

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Industries Summary

Different industries need different solutions. Our unique expertise in Telecom, Healthcare, Retail, Oil & Gas make us a perfect partner to deliver industry specific solutions.

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Managed Services

Technological complexity, shortage of skilled resources and the importance for businesses to focus on core competencies underpins the value of utilizing managed services. Businesses that focus on their core functions and utilize managed services to support non-strategic areas of their business are more efficient, streamlined, and competitive. Our managed services help make businesses more successful.

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Infrastructure Management

IT infrastructure is used by every business. But most are not in the business of managing it – our infrastructure team is.

Managing servers, running databases, backing up systems, monitoring networks – we do it all and we can do it for you.

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Cloud Management

Cloud Services offer great value. Simplify your IT operations by utilizing services and solutions such as cloud assessment, migration, automation, security, Backup/DR as a Service or SD-WAN as a Service.

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Risk Mitigation

Protecting businesses in the digital era has become an ever changing reality. IT and technology risk in particular present very specific challenges and demand unique solutions. Our risk management team offers solutions and managed services focused on helping companies reduce operational risk in the digital world.

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Service Desk

The digital workplace brings great efficiency to businesses but it can be challenging when things are not working smoothly. Running a production grade internal service desk can be costly. Many companies use a managed service desk so they stay focused on strategic activities.

Find out how the IDX Manage Service Desk can help you.

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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

CIO as a Service

Need help developing strategic information technology plans. Looking for experts to help build go to market strategies leveraging innovative digital eco-systems. Want help creating technology budgets and future investment forecasts to keep your business leading the market. Our CIO as a Service is a great alternative to employing a full time CIO or a great compliment to your own CIO. Decades of experience in Digital technologies, transformation and the modern digital workplace can be a force multiplier for any business.

Get more details on our CIOaaS offering here

CTO Advisory Service

Years of experience helping all sizes of companies to be more efficient, proficient, and competitive by leveraging advances in technology. IDX’s “CTO as a service” is our solution to access that wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience. Let us support your team in developing technical strategies, implementation roadmaps, operational models and planning for future innovations.

Looking for a competitive edge, read more about how our CTOaaS solution can help.

Business Transformation

The digital eco-system drives business and companies embracing digital transformation can improve their efficiencies and competitiveness by order of magnitude versus their competition. Our business transformation group leveages our innovation expertise and the application of agile business processes to fuel your digital revolution.

If you’re looking for the right partner to power your digital transformation read more about how we can help.

IT Roadmap

Technology evolves so fast it is critical to maintain an active and evolving plan for your business’ digital future. Maintaining active short term goals, while forecasting for future demands is critical to any business success. Our teams have been helping businesses plan their technology and IT services future for decades. We see what’s coming and can help your team plan for the near term and the long term.

Leverage our experience and let us help you build a roadmap. Read more to find out how we can help you plan.

Operations Transformation

Automation is the driver of efficiency. It enables work to be done quicker and more consistently. It also affords businesses the opportunity to focus their best and brightest on strategic activities and not just keeping the lights on. Advancements in automation have given rise to better competitiveness, improved reliability, less errors and predictive outcomes.

We know automation and can bring value to your business. Read more to see how.

Business Continuity Planning

Technology is at the heart of virtually every business. Experiencing a technology disaster or major service disruption can debilitate or even bankrupt a business. Continuity and disaster planning are proactive steps to reduce risk and empower an orderly response to recovery. Our BC/DR services assess your vulnerabilities, identify your weak points and help develop comprehensive plans for mitigating and surviving major business disruptions.

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Regulatory Advisory Assessment

Regulated business face unique constraints which apply to all aspects of their operations including their digital eco-systems. Our expertise in regulated industries empowers our team with great insight into how regulations can impact digital infrastructure. Our subject matter specialists can help navigate your business through the regulatory challenges brought forth from compliance demands of PCI, HIPAA, data retention policies, data sovereignty requirements and more.

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Professional Services

Public/Hybrid/on-Prem Cloud Services

Cloud computing is today’s norm, but how to implement cloud best is still a question many businesses struggle with. From which type to which provider, from how to manage data to how does security work, from how do we connect to how do we integrate. We understand Azure, Google Cloud, AWS and others. We know how to best leverage Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and other types of cloud models to best suit your business needs.

Looking to understand cloud or chose a model or a provider. Read more so we can show you.

IT Health Check

IT Health Check

The care & feeding of any system is paramount to its efficient operation. IT systems are no different. Overwhelming demands on IT operations can leave your systems vulnerable and operating poorly. Our IT health check and audit services can help your teams undercover, understand and remediate any challenges your systems may be experiencing. From security vulnerabilities to capacity constraints, our services will help your teams identify the gaps and develop strategies and plans to address any deficiencies. Think your systems are at risk, underperforming or just want a second set of eyes, click the link to see in detail what IDX can do for you.

Design Services

IT Design Services

Today’s digital eco-systems are driven by increasingly complex infrastructure. Our engineers pride themselves on being in front of the technology evolution curve and are leaders in helping companies design IT systems for now and the future advances in innovation. Read more to see how our engineering thought leaders can help you design future proofed IT eco-systems.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Business Continuity and Disaster Recobvery require proactive steps to reduce risk and enable an orderly response to restore and recover. Our BC/DR services identify your weak points, help develop comprehensive plans, develop restore and recovery processes plus methods and implement technology to mitigate and survive major business disruptions.
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IDX Labs

IDX Labs

IDX is an innovation first business. IDX Labs is our research and development division and the engine of our innovation soul. It’s purpose is to help our customers understand the future of technology, access and test this technology before its available to the market, train their teams on these technologies early, and provide platforms for clients to technologically leapfrog their competitors. It’s a very powerful tool and it serves to develop our own technological leadership as well as offers a platform to our customers to do the same.

Looking to stay ahead of the competition, check out the details of what IDX labs can do for your business.

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