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Business Transformation

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Business Transformation

Empowering Business with a Truly Digital Experience. Evolving end-user preferences and increasing demand for digital platforms, both internally and externally, have brought about a significant change in every business.

As a result, the business landscape has begun transforming to embrace digital, irrespective of geography, industry, regulatory hurdles, and other aspects.

Why Digital Transformation?
Industries have undergone a wide range of transitions from being resource-centric to budget-centric, and now customer-centric.

What is driving this trend?
End-User Experience
The answer is the need for ‘End-User Experiences’ driven by ‘Digital Capabilities.’ Workforce engagement takes precedence with the need for remote work access and continuous access to technology.

Data Compliance
Data compliance and protecting information from cyber attacks and breaches. Increasing dependencies on external agencies, distributors, and suppliers raise the need for a unified network.

Strategic Assessment
Strategic Assessment is key to the success of any process. IDX Digital Transformation Assessment involves the assessment of market dynamics and technology opportunities for achieving your business results as part of the digital transformation journey.

Leveraging our domain expertise and experience, we help businesses mobilize their digital strategy by understanding their industry and designing focused and impactful solutions. We have deep expertise in Telecom, Retail, Government, Healthcare, Oil & Gas.

Our Advisory Service includes:

  • Analyze pain points to be addressed and opportunities unexplored to unlock full potential
  • Conducting a gap analysis to address inefficiencies and redundancies
  • Evaluating your organization’s approach to current technological trends and modern applications
  • Understanding budget and financial resources to structure your strategy, identify priorities and finalize the scope
  • Build a digital transformation roadmap to ensure the evolution of your business is in alignment with the changing digital landscape

IDX Business Transformation advisory services are focused on analyzing and understanding the need for bringing about change in terms of organizational mindset and culture. We believe in starting with small yet strategic steps towards a bigger vision and helping your team choose technology solutions that fulfill a long-term vision.

Targeted Transformation Advisory services include:

Application Modernization

Transforming legacy applications to drive agility and efficiency through modern IT stands at the core of Application Modernization. Ideally, these services cut down unnecessary costs and the maintenance burden that legacy or outdated applications might be causing to your business.
Our modernization experts assist your IT team in discovering new strategic and revenue-generating models.

1) Application Assessment: Gaining a deeper understanding of the current setup, we develop the scope around renewing target apps.

2) Understanding Requirements: Core business requirements behind the modernization of target apps are derived for further analysis.

3) App Enhancements: Applications are enhanced for easy maintenance and a secure fit in the highly scalable framework.

4) Choosing the Right Platform: Applications are moved to new, efficient, and cost-saving technology platforms.

5) App Migration: Without disturbing the process chain, the new applications are transferred to the core operating environment.

Develop Digital Strategy

Digital transformation is the 21st equivalent of the industrial revolution.
But Digital Transformation can be challenging and is rarely successful without a well-defined plan and strategy. So it’s critical to have an effective digital strategy first.

Building Digital Strategy is a 5-step process:

Create Vision: This step involves determining a vision for implementing the digital transformation process. It focuses on the end goal rather than limiting it to existing capabilities and innovations. It’s important to consider a broad vision with long-term goals and short-term objectives that can address your future demands but also support immediate needs. This step also identifies existing gaps and plans implementation roadmaps.

Analyze Trends: Particularly when considering external impacts, it is important to understand market dynamics before stepping into any implementation. Developing an up-to-date strategy is key to effectively staying ahead of the competition. Practical solutions and inspiration from success stories add value!

Experience Vision: Once you have a vision and an understanding of market trends it is important to experience how that vision would be received by the user base. Analyzing different platforms to match with different user experiences will be important.

Assess Current Situation: This step analyzes where you stand in your journey to building a digital strategy. It’s critical to understand gaps and what the required steps are to fill them. Assessment of existing tools and apps to match your future needs, identifying critical infrastructure and areas where new functionalities need to be developed are key aspects of this stage.

Manage infrastructure: It is important to prepare your infrastructure for the upcoming transformation. Here is where you need qualified expert advice, from your CIO, Chief Digital Officer (CDO), and related personnel to achieve a successful transformation. Be it technical or cultural, preparing your teams and your customer will be key to a successful transformation.

IT Modernization

The digital world does not stand still and modernizing your IT infrastructure and applications is a key to any business’ ongoing success.

Modernizing technology infrastructure stands at the core of any organizational development, it is as important as building a digital strategy in a successful digital transformation journey.
But modernizing critical IT systems is a process that requires particular care, as missteps can lead to complex challenges.

Starting with a holistic approach of creating links between existing digital capabilities and existing infrastructure sets the foundation. Evolving from there to explore options to leverage multilayered architectures and cloud services opens many possibilities.

In today’s modern world those who effectively digitize their core business processes, build new operating models around those digitized processes and implement state-of-the-art technology solutions tend to lead their business sectors.

Benefits of IT Modernization:

  • Simplified Architecture
  • Simplified Architecture
  • Seamless Flow
  • Increased Agility
  • Improved Culture
  • Effective Resource Usage
  • Operational Efficiency
  • High Value Delivered
  • Quality of Service
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