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Working at IDX

When you work at IDX, you join our family.  Not only are we solving some of the IT industry’s most interesting challenges and exploring innovative solutions every day, but we collaborate, support and advocate for each other every day.  Given the modern era of remote work, we manage to keep our team engaged and invigorated day after day.  We might be geographically distant, but we work together like a well-oiled machine.


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Culture of Balance

We believe that happy and healthy employees make the best contributions.  We go above and beyond the standard health care benefits for our team and their families and recognize that work life balance is key to being an effective employee.  A balanced employee is a successful employee.


Culture of Growth

We promote from within first, and hire externally as a last resort.  We have a number of internal programs designed to help our employees focus on their next career step, and plot the course to get there.  Whether it is matching you with a mentor, helping you focus on company funded certifications and skill building or having 1:1 chats with our executives, we are committed to seeing you grow within our company. Working at IDX is a career, not just a job.


Culture of Diversity

Here at IDX, we see our diverse workforce as key to our strength.  We genuinely believe that great ideas can come from anywhere in our organization.  The unique experiences and backgrounds of our team give us a fresh and novel take on how we do business, which enables us to serve our customers better.

staying ahead of the curve

Culture of Innovation

IDX was founded by engineers, and continues to focus on applying the latest greatest technologies to our customers’ challenges of today and tomorrow.  If you like not only learning what is new, but influencing what is coming next, this is the company for you.  Our deep investments in IDX Labs have provided us the ability to offer amazing solutions to complex problems.  We explore both commercial and open source technologies, contribute to standards, research projects and more. We stay ahead of the curve to accelerate past it, over and over again.