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Risk Mitigation

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Risk Mitigation

IT Risk Assessments

IT risk assessments identify security and operational gaps and assess the threat they pose to your business. The purpose of IT risk assessments is identify, document, classify, and assess each uncovered risk and determine the exposure level they present to the security, operational fidelity and industry compliance of the business.

IDX’s IT Risk Management practice are experts in identifying risks in IT technical operations, cybersecurity capabilities, technology scalability, operations workflow and all elements of the IT digital eco-system.

IT Risk Mitigation planning

Derived from a Risk Assessment engagement, the IT Risk Mitigation plan is a structured and sequenced plan that drives out the required mitigation and remediation actions which need to be executed in order to bring the business into security and/or operational compliance. This compliance may be to internal corporate policies or it may be in response to external standards requirements established by government or industry agencies.

IDX’s Risk Mitigation service is a consultative engagement that utilizes our Risk Management, Cybersecurity and Operations expertise to develop a comprehensive and measurable plan to meet a defined compliance level. Our team works with each client and their responsible representatives to cooperatively develop the plan, either based on a prior risk assessment or as an outcome of an IDX led risk assessment.

Contact IDX to discuss the development of your risk mitigation plan.

IT Performance and capacity planning

Ensuring that your digital eco-system can properly and efficiently meet the demands of your business is critical. It is even more critical if your eco-system is customer facing and your success or failure is determined by the digital experience of your customer.

Planning, managing and monitoring the performance and scalability of your digital platforms has become an operational imperative and for many businesses a competitive asset.

IDX has proven and applied in-depth skills and methods for assessing, monitoring, planning, and remediating the scalability and performance of technology infrastructure. These capabilities apply to on-premise, physical, virtual and cloud eco-systems and offer high value benefits to any business concerned about their current systems capabilities.

Contact our Infrastructure practice team to talk with one of our performance experts about how we can help.

Disaster Recover as a Service

IDX has a deep appreciation in the importance of a well designed Disaster Recovery solution. Too often, Disaster Recovery solutions are ill-defined and implemented and in the crucial moments when needed, mission critical applications are unable to be recovered. IDX works closely with you to understand which environments are critical to your business and the types of disasters scenarios to prepare for. We will design and implement a comprehensive solution for you that can leverage public cloud, on-premise infrastructure, or a hybrid solution to ensure seamless business continuity should the unexpected occur.

Contact our Cloud Services or Managed Services team to develop the right Disaster Recovery solution for your business needs.

Security Penetration Testing as a Service (PEN Test)

A penetration test, or PEN test, is used as a White Hat process to evaluate the security of an IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit potential vulnerabilities in a businesses security structure. Instead of checking the windows and doors and other entry points in home, PEN testing test servers, networks, firewalls, proxy servers, web applications, mobile devices, and other potential entry points to find and expose weaknesses.

PEN testing is a tactical process that should be employed as part of any business’ risk management strategy. It is best incorporated as a regularly implement action that is part of a broader ongoing proactive and preventative process to maintain full awareness of your cybersecurity posture and risk profile.

IDX’s Cybersecurity practice offers PEN testing service in both an on-demand and regularly scheduled format. Contact our Cybersecurity team to discuss how we can best help keep your business cyber safe.

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Risk Mitigation