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We are problem solvers. Technology is increasingly complex and continues to grow. As an engineering focused provider, creating technological solutions for today’s greatest business challenges is our passion. Our deep expertise, applied experience and leveraging industry leading technologies, we create the best fit solutions to meet your business needs.


Cloud computing is now at the center of the digital eco-system and for most businesses it has become a central component of the digital transformation strategy.

But as cloud technology has increased in power it has also increased in complexity, making it more challenging for businesses to keep up. Businesses have many questions about how to best utilize cloud computing, how to onboard to the cloud, how to control access and how to protect their data once it is in the cloud.

IDX has deep cloud expertise and understands the many “”as a Service”” delivery models, advanced networking requirements, cost models, operating structures and how to effectively secure your business in the cloud. From design, through deployment and migration to onboarding and operations, our cloud experts can help you on this journey.

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Data Center & Network Infrastructure

Internal infrastructure is still a consequential component of most business’ IT eco-system. Moving your enterprise to cloud-native may mean an evolution of your traditional on-prem infrastructure to an on-premise Private Cloud. IDX provides our clients design guidance, solution development, solution implementation/integration, operations support and supply chain procurement services.

We provide expertise around which servers best fit your needs, storage systems best for virtual infrastructures, guidance around physical or virtual networking, firewall technologies and VMware or Kubernetes to VMs or Containers. We work closely with you on the end-to-end solution and enable you to make informed decisions that best suit your business.

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IT infrastructure and IT departments power today’s digital businesses. With continued scarcity of skilled technical resources and limited automation, companies struggle to meet the scale and demands of the business. Automation is critical for IT teams and the businesses they support.

Accelerated application delivery is the fuel for growth.
All businesses depend on their critical systems to engage with customers and process data. Automation is a key component to enable IT to be adaptive to the needs of a DevOps environment.

Automation simplifies processes, is consistent.
Skilled technical resources are a scarcity and limit ability to scale. Automation is designed to scale.

Having IT professionals repeat tasks over and over is inefficient.
Repetition in IT squanders the energy of your best and often most expensive people and is an inefficient use of valued resources. Making automation a priority can free up these resources to focus on business critical challenges. The best IT professionals want to work on new, engaging, strategic projects that drive the business forward.

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Modern Workplace Solutions

Workplaces have evolved into something entirely different. Workers expect to operate securely from anywhere, on any device, and they put a premium on work that enriches and fulfills them. More companies are transitioning to remote-ready, digital work environments – whether that be out of necessity due to a pandemic or wanting to meet the demands of new talent. Businesses need to provide empowerment, but they also need to protect their core IT assets.

Delivering the modern workplace is a key element in the digital transformation of today’s business. IDX leads companies through the modern workplace evolution and our specialists help champion a modern culture of work by delivering intelligent software solutions that empower employees to collaborate smarter, innovate together, and create better in the digital workplace.

With IDX Modern Workplace solutions, your clients can improve employee productivity increase efficiency, be more satisfied, and create improved communication and collaboration across locations and platforms while also maintaining the integrity and security of their systems and data.

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Industry knowledge is a powerful attribute to offer clients when delivering solutions. The unique requirements of businesses operating in regulated industries, essential services or highly competitive sectors place additional demands on how technology can be utilized and deployed.

Having a partner knowledgeable of the inner workings of these industries as well as the controls and constraints imposed by regulators, sector watchdogs, or even competitors is a huge advantage. Partners, like IDX, with this type of industry knowledge are better positioned to leverage current and future technologies to improve operational efficiency, drive costs down, and improve competitiveness while still being compliant to any rules or constraints placed by regulator or sector dynamics.

IDX maintains practice expertise across Telecom, Health Care, Retail, and Oil&Gas. We bring that expertise to our industry specific solutions and empower our teams with industry experts when delivering services to clients in these sectors.

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We provide solutions for some of Canada’s most complex IT challenges.

  • Committed to improving our partner’s businesses through the use of technology, instead of just selling products.
  • Elite team of tenacious engineers experienced in all the market-leading technologies, as well as next-generation technology innovations.
  • Over 25 years successfully serving small, medium and enterprise businesses in Alberta and throughout Canada.