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Professional Services

Our Professional Services Offering

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Interdynamix provides you with access to high-level specialist skills that can enhance your IT capabilities and optimize your agility, scalability, and profitability.

Public/Hybrid/on-Prem Cloud Services

Speed, cost, and innovation – IDX Cloud First services makes the cloud’s promise a reality.

Our team harnesses the power of innovation to create new and extraordinary value by helping you put cloud at the core of your business. Our services put your business needs first, delivering industry-specific solutions to get you moved to—and benefiting from—the cloud now.

Embrace the cloud with IDX and find new and better ways to harness the opportunities of cloud computing. From migration to cloud management, we work with you to help your business realize its full promise and achieve measurable, exceptional 360 degree value.

IDX Cloud First services offers a full range of cloud services to help you realize the value from your investment. We know cloud is more than just technology, so our solutions encompass the culture change and workforce changes needed for lasting success.

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Design Services

IT infrastructure powers digital eco-systems and these eco-systems are the life blood of modern business. Poorly designed infrastructure makes for a weak foundation, putting at risk what is built on top. If the foundation is vulnerable, the entire structure is as well.

Our team of IT systems and infrastructure designers are among the best in the business. They educate themselves about your business to understand your digital needs and translate those into market leading designs that will propel your business forward efficiently and reliably.

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IT Health Check

Digital eco-systems are dynamic environments and keeping them healthy and functioning is an ongoing process. Businesses are often overwhelmed with day to day operations, and are often unaware of the increasing ineffectiveness and inefficiency of their digital systems. Having a focused set of eyes looking at you eco-system can be a valuable method to maximizing the value of your digital assets.

Taking a proactive approach to assessing the state of your digital platforms can be a very worthwhile investment and one that can prove to return high dividends. Regular health checks and in some instances deep dive audits result in improved services, more efficient delivery and often great competitiveness for your business.

As part of our professional services practice we offer a number IT health management services.

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Business Continuity

Protecting what’s most important to your business and recovering from any disruptive event

Facilities, data, people, services, systems, processes and your reputation define your business. They are critically important assets and services that your business relies on and need to be protected.

From identifying risks, managing them effectively and planning how your business continues to operate in any eventuality is where IDX’s Business Continuity offerings can help.

Our team of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery experts can help you implement best practices, satisfy your risk management objectives and deliver peace of mind about your business’ disaster preparedness to your ownership, customers, supply-chain partners and other external stakeholders.

Our business and IT service continuity consultants deliver projects from tailored engagements to complete business continuity management (BCM) programmes. We provide end-to-end support where required, including as a managed service or advisory support to you own internal continuity practitioners.

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Why Choose Us?

We provide solutions for some of the world’s most complex IT challenges.

  • Committed to partnering with our customers to improve those businesses through the use of complete technology solutions, instead of simply selling products.
  • Elite team of tenacious engineers experienced in all the market-leading technologies, as well as next-generation technology innovations.
  • More than 25 years successfully serving enterprise businesses across North America.