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Great things happen when you automate

Automate routine user functions with bots

Think user onboarding, performing repetitive work like helpdesk ticket triage, routing, and processing, password resets, permissions and access. You can set up an IT chatbot to enable fast and easy self-service.

Optimize standard functions of infrastructure management through automation

Use accurate, always on bots to rapidly perform large-scale migration of virtual servers from one place to another or update operating systems and apps across multiple data centers.

Reduce the load for multi-cloud management and migration

Use automation to do the heavy lifting for cloud resource management and element/service migration. Automate repetitive processes in managing private and hybrid clouds. Streamline mission-critical server deployment, storage, configuration and management. Automate integration with public cloud services from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Move to server, desktop and virtualization management

Streamline VM onboarding, deployment, maintenance and management in on-prem and cloud environments – VMware, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure and others. Automate provisioning of desktop and app-as a service solutions for Windows and Linux virtual desktops.

Orchestrate and automate cybersecurity detection and response

Monitoring and managing your businesses digital security requires constant vigilance. Humans are fallible so automating key elements of your cyber resiliency process to ensure consistent continuous protection reduces risk and can be a game changer in the protection of our business.

Cloud Orchestration


Cloud platforms and cloud technologies have become increasingly powerful but also increasingly more complex. Cloud computing also implies a very dynamic and constantly changing environment. Managing such environments and supporting the flexibility/elasticity of these environments becomes more challenging as the use of these platforms increase.

Cloud orchestration and the automation engine and automation services it provides is becoming a necessity to efficiently, cost effectively and predictably manage and support cloud infrastructure.

IDX’s cloud practice has established great partnerships with the leading vendors in cloud orchestration technologies and has developed in-depth skills and knowledge in the selection, deployment, configuration and application of orchestrations across a number of cloud operating environments.

If your cloud operations has become overwhelming and are looking to incorporate orchestration capabilities into your operating environment let IDX help you assess, acquire, deploy and operate on your behalf.

Our Orchestration offerings include:

– Orchestration platform assessment and recommendation
– Orchestration tooling procurement services
– Tooling installation, deployment and configuration
– Integration services
– Platform operations support

Zero Touch Provisioning

With the rise of advanced network architectures, remote/mobile workers, edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for providing an endless number of new devices is not subsiding. The volumes are becoming unmanageable using manual approaches and it has become unrealistic to expect the human workforce alone to meet the rising demand.

To save time, reduce complexity, and drive down the costs associated with building out such vast networks, support remote worker infrastructure, IoT and edge computing, zero touch provisioning (ZTP) has become the one true solution. In order to save time, reduce complexity, and bring down the costs associated with fleshing out large networks with new network & edge devices , zero touch provisioning (ZTP) has become the solution to this daunting challenge.

Zero touch tooling and processes are embedded in many of the IDX cloud and virtualization solutions but we also offer them as standalone offerings. These include:

– Zero Touch Provisioning architecture
– Zero Touch tooling selection advisory
– Tooling procurement
– ZTP implementation – planning and technical design
– ZTP best practice SOP development

If you are experiencing rapid growth in network devices, have a large footprint of mobile & remote workers and are looking for cost effective and proven ZTP solutions. Reach out to the IDX cloud practice.

Edge Device Management


The focus within cloud computing has rapidly moved from the centre to the edge. Moving the processing and delivery capacity to the edge is now required to support the performance driven and responsive requirements of today’s modern digital eco-system. The edge has also become increasingly complex, containing many moving parts making it harder and harder to manage effectively.

To accommodate this increasing complexity, cloud orchestration has been extended to the edge. In combination with highly automated services such as zero touch provisioning, make it possible to run large, complex edge infrastructures.

Our cloud practice was early to embrace the edge, including Multi-access Edge computing (MEC) and that knowledge, experience and expertise has been incorporated into our Cloud team. Our in-depth experiences in edge computing originated from our Telco practice which has been heavily involved in working with national and international telecom operators in building out their LTE and 5G networks.

Solutions and services focused on edge devices and specifically for their management include:

– Edge Orchestration and Managed Tooling selection
– Edge Orchestration and Management best practice and SOP development
– Mobile device management service
– Edge Device management as a Service

If you are looking to implement edge computing infrastructure or seeking a partner to help managed your edge, we can help.

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