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Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Helping Our Customers Create The Best Technology Outcomes

At Interdynamix, we’re dedicated to helping our clients differentiate themselves and achieve remarkable business outcomes.


IDX incubated and spun off a first of its kind platform to easily connect people looking to make a purchase with lenders that fit their customer profile. The first product launched with this engine is Carbeeza (  An entirely cloud native platform, leveraging next gen technologies and true DevOps practices, IDX set the stage for Carbeeza to not only launch but scale rapidly with customer demand.


Evolved on prem cloud architecture complete with fully automated zero touch provisioning, self healing capabilities, etc.

NFV story

First company in Canada to have a successful NFV deployment based on Open Stack. Solution to do automated orchestration until IDX was asked to help set-up the environment that was not yet a virtualization solution.  Lab stood up in record time.

Telco Cloud

  • VNF and CNF integration for full stack solutions
  • End to end service testing
Why Choose Us?

We provide solutions for some of the world’s most complex IT challenges.

  • Committed to partnering with our customers to improve those businesses through the use of complete technology solutions, instead of simply selling products.
  • Elite team of tenacious engineers experienced in all the market-leading technologies, as well as next-generation technology innovations.
  • More than 25 years successfully serving enterprise businesses across North America.