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IT Roadmap

We help businesses of all sizes, achieve technical excellence through flexible CTO Advisory services. Whether you require an unbiased consultation about your solution, want to fill in the technological leadership gap, or seek ongoing support from a top-level CTO — we do it all while being fully responsive to your needs.

  • A strategy statement with a list of the strategic priorities for the business (not generally IT-specific and aligned with the overall business strategy).
  • A timeline of the initiatives and projects that will occur over the next several years with approximate start and end dates, durations, and sizes.
  • A prioritized list of optimization or competitive opportunities. This is generated jointly by the business and IT. It should be refreshed periodically.
  • Top-level justifications for each initiative. Detailed for projects occurring within the next 12 months and summarized statements for longer-term initiatives.
  • Estimated costs and duration for each initiative. Specific and detailed for immediate and short-term projects, ballpark estimates for longer terms initiatives.
  • Identified owner for each initiative. Each initiative needs to have an identified executive sponsor or delegate directly overseeing the project. For immediate projects in the first 12 months, a specific person needs to be assigned and for initiatives beyond that timeline, it can be the owning executive.

Who benefits from it?

Technology Leadership

Roadmaps are designed to communicate using common language between IT and the functional executives in a form that allows IT to:

  • Make investment decisions and manage projects strategically.
  • Use a structured process to secure buy-in from business leadership, making it easier to earn buy-in from business users.
  • Negotiate effectively with business leaders requesting new initiatives that require significant investment and or new “day to day” operating effort.

Functional Leadership

Roadmaps enable functional executives to think strategically when they request new or improved technology. They can use their functional strategies to begin working with IT leadership to determine which types of technology projects will be required to achieve their goals.

Roadmaps also provide clear resourcing needs for when business staff will need to be assigned to IT projects, establish cost traceability, and detail why such resources and dollars are required.

Particularly important, a roadmap provides strategic, structured governance to manage business needs as they arise. It ensures there is a technology voice at the table when decisions are made that require IT support, and it helps balance priorities across the business.

Staff and Project Teams

A roadmap spells out why the projects are important and why they are working on them. It also ensures that if the roadmap evolves or activities are re-prioritized, it forces the leaders to explain why and how those priorities are shifting. The roadmap encourages a clear and regular line of communication between leadership and staff.

IDX Roadmapping Process

The IDX Roadmapping process follows a 5-step process.

Step 1 – Assess Current State
Mapping the current state business and technology architectures
Evaluate technology costs by major platform and business process

Step 2 – Define Objectives
Create the business vision or align the vision with the business strategic plan.
Define business goals and objectives.

Step 3 – Develop “To Be” vision
Develop the business and technology “to be” architecture
Develop a phased approach to achieving the end state architecture

Step 4 – Build the Roadmap
Capture and enumerate the 3-5 years business/technology vision
Determine major program dependencies, time phases, and resource balancing

Step 5 – Manage the portfolio
Govern the portfolio of IT-based initiatives as a financial portfolio of potential investments.

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