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Cloud Management Services

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Cloud Management Services

Cloud Backup as a Service

Cloud Backup solutions offer businesses a variety of capabilities without needing on-premise infrastructure investment. IDX has long standing pedigree in managing and securing businesses’ mission critical data in all major public clouds. IDX will work with you to understand your backup and recovery requirements and provide expert recommendations on the cloud backup solution best suited to your specific needs. Once aligned on the solution, IDX will seamlessly implement your backup capabilities and provide on-going management to ensure your data is securely backed up and recoverable when needed.

Contact our Cloud Services team to discuss your specific business needs.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

IDX has a deep appreciation in the importance of a well designed Disaster Recovery solution. Too often, Disaster Recovery solutions are ill-defined and implemented and in the crucial moments when needed, mission critical applications are unable to be recovered. IDX works closely with you to understand which environments are critical to your business and the types of disasters scenarios to prepare for. We will design and implement a comprehensive solution for you that can leverage public cloud, on-premise infrastructure, or a hybrid solution to ensure seamless business continuity should the unexpected occur.

Contact our Cloud Services or Managed Services team to develop the right Disaster Recovery solution for your business needs.


DevOps Services

More businesses are moving to Agile operations and embracing iterative deployments and realtime configuration of their digital eco-systems. Functional enhancements, patch applications, element upgrades and realtime and near-realtime deployment validation is becoming a desirable digital operating environment.

IDX’s DevOps offers a turnkey managed DevOps operating environment that can be integrated into your business’ eco-system. Giving your business access to agile deployment and management facilities. IDX provides operational management of the platform on behalf of its customers.

Contact our Cloud Services or Managed Services teams to discuss your DevOps needs.


Cybersecurity Service

The cloud is a powerful place to house all or parts of your digital eco-system. Like traditional on-premise infrastructure it is vulnerable to attack. IDX Cybersecurity services include deployment, monitoring and management of security elements (firewalls, proxies, core elements, perimeter devices, zero trust policies, Antispam engines, Antivirus software, etc). Further, includes Monitoring, Detection and Response 24/7/365.

This service can be provided using IDX supplied security components/elements or configured to operate with client infrastructure.

Contact our Cloud Services team for specific details.


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