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IDX has over two decades of delivering high-performance services and solutions result in deep and wide technology and industry knowledge and experience. We tap into that well of expertise to offer our customers access to our best and brightest resources through our Advisory Services.

From CIO as a Service to IT Roadmapping onto Operations Transformation and even specialized consultation around Regulatory Guidance, our team of Advisory specialists can assist your business with a range of services. Services that help you strategize, plan, navigate, and execute even the most sophisticated technology-driven business agendas.

If you are looking for that one partner that can make a true impact on your business, check out the details of our Advisory Services portfolio below.

CIO as a Service

Business Continuity

Businesses can benefit from the guidance, advise and experience of a senior level resource focused on the strategic and optimized application of technology to their operations. But many are not able to economically justify a full time resource in this role. IDX’s “CIO as a Service” offers businesses access to highly skilled and experienced executive level IT resources without having to commit to a full-time resource.

IDX’s “CIO as a Service” provides your business access to such resources. This provides your business the flexibility to access expert thinkers, strategic planners and seasoned IT operators when you need then. for however long you need them.

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CTO Advisory Service

Business Continuity

Digital eco-systems are becoming more complex by the day and simply keeping up with the never-ending technology changes and then knowing what tech can truly help their business is an overwhelming proposition. For many businesses justifying a full-time Chief Technologist or Chief Technology officer to perform this responsibility is not economically viable. This is why we created our CTO Advisory service.

It offers businesses access to our top Technology minds who live technology 24/7, have been CTOs in past lives, and know-how to leverage technology to improve business. They also leverage tap the broader IDX technology innovation machine to make your company better.

Go here to get the details on how our CTO Advisory service works.

Business Transformation

Business Continuity

Digital Transformation has been a catchphrase for the last few years. But at its essence, it focuses businesses on applying technology innovation to help their business be more efficient, productive, and competitive.

Companies that are late in embracing digital transformation may be put their businesses at risk. Our Business and Digital transformation advisory service is designed to guide your team on which technologies can truly empower your company into the 21st century.

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IT Roadmap

Business Continuity

Maintaining an eye to the future is important to any business. An IT roadmap provides the guideposts for how your business with evolving as that future unfolds. With digital eco-systems underpinning every business, maintaining an evolving and active plan around your business’ IT has never been more important.

IDX’s IT Roadmapping Advisory service helps your business develop its digital roadmap. We bring our brightest technologist to work with your team. Together we develop robust, comprehensive, flexible maps that will guide your business from short-term technology adjustments to long-term digital evolutions. Roadmaps to your future business state.

Want to know how we do this. Read here.

Operations Transformation

Business Continuity

Driving operational excellence is a priority goal of any business. Optimization and improved efficiency can be the keystone to better results and increased competitiveness. Digital eco-systems are thriving when automated mechanisms are introduced because they eliminate much of the inefficiencies typically exposed become of the fallible human element. Automated systems drive consistency, offer predictable results, and drive waste out of most systems. This is especially true of today’s modern digital platforms.

IDX has developed methods, processes, and strategies to leverage automation to its fullest potential. This is particularly true of the automation of digital infrastructure and the processes related to provisioning, monitoring, alerting, reporting, and remediating. Our team of automation experts has been incorporating high-performance automation techniques from the earliest days of this digital automation revolution. Our team is fully versed in the technologies, tooling, and best practices that empower the automated data center, cloud infrastructure, and edge platforms.

Talk to our team of automation specialists and let them help you develop your automation strategies and roadmaps.

For details behind our Operations Transformation Advisory service, click here to get the specifics.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity

Planning for a disaster or major disruption is often a lower priority given the daily demands of simply keeping critical environments operating. Unfortunately, the decision to plan or prepare for such events often comes only as a reaction to some unexpected event and can have devastating consequences.

We help businesses understand their risks and help them craft strategies and plans to secure business continuity and recover from potential disasters. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery group is part of our Advisory Services practice. Experts with real experience who know how to help businesses like yours build the right strategy and the best plans to manage against potential business disruptions and potential disasters.

Whether reacting to a previous business or service disruption, or proactively looking to protect your business our team of experts can help.

Click to get more details of our BC/DR advisory service.

Regulatory Advisory Assessment

Business Continuity

Often industry regulations can challenge a business’ ability to effectively and efficiently leverage technology. Our team of industry experts can help guide your business on how to maximize technology while maintaining compliance with the rules defined by regulatory agencies.

Our industry teams have years of experience and often aware of regulatory compliance requirements emerging before businesses in a given sector are formally made aware.

Want to see the details and the process behind our regulator assessment process, read here for more details and reach out to one of our Industry specialists.

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