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Cloud Computing Done Right

Cloud technologies are postively impacting business everywhere. They increase business agility, dynamically meet varying demands and seamlessly enable geographic expansion of your digital eco-system. Cloud technologies and cloud powered solutions come in a myriad of forms – from on-premise private clouds to public cloud platforms like AWS, AZURE, and Google Cloud as well as SaaS solutions. For many businesses the optimal strategy will involve multiple platforms forming a hybrid environment.

Our cloud platform and cloud infrastructure expertise spans a broad range of solutions from basic cloud networking such as design and implementation of software defined LAN and WAN solutions to sophisticated architectures that drive 5G, Multi-access Edge Computing and IoT environments. Our teams have deep experience with these solutions across a range of enterprise operations as well as industry specific application sectors such as Telecom, Utilities and Healthcare.


Cloud computing is not a a one size fits all solution. For most businesses it will be a combination of on-prem infrastructure, private cloud virtualization technologies and public cloud platforms. IDX cloud design services help businesses understand the technical and operational nuances of these various elements and how to utilize them seperately or in combination. Our design services include:

  • Business requirement to Cloud capability mapping
  • Technology and plaform assessment and mapping to business and budgeting requirements
  • Logical design of on-prem infrastructure, virtualization platform, public cloud platform, and technology integration framework
  • Operations model development
  • Migration model development
  • Security model development
  • Business continuity model development

If you are at the cloud design stage and need guidance, get in touch with of our Cloud experts today.



Whether your preferred cloud environment is private, public or hybrid, having a well thought out and planned technical architecture is critical to long term success. Considering the immediate needs as well as long term expectations is paramount in establishing an architecture that has adaptability and durability over time. Our cloud computing architectural services help you develop and deliver a cloud operating environment that delivers on these characteristics. Our architectual services include:

  • Technical Architecture development
  • Cloud infrastructure cost analysis
  • Resource modelling
  • Scalability modelling
  • Networking Architecture
  • Security Architecture
  • Data Protection Architecture

Call our Cloud team today to chat about how we can assist your team in developing a world class cloud for your business.



Transitioning to a cloud platform or a cloud based service can be a challenge for many businesses. Most are not in a position to simply move to cloud computing without transitioning from existing non-cloud platforms or legacy systems. This can be one of the biggest obstacles for companies to fully embrace the power of the cloud. The IDX cloud team has assisted numerous companies transition their businesses to the cloud and offer a number of services in support of this process. They include:

  • Cloud architecture implementation and confguration
  • Network and Security configuration
  • Data migration
  • Process migration
  • Software function mapping
  • Implementation validation & testing
  • Service Migration

If you are planning to build a cloud or need help getting it setup efficiently, talk to one of our Cloud experts today.



Cloud computing offers fantastic benefits to every business, but cloud platforms can be complex and challenging to operate. For many businesses transitioning to cloud operations can be a difficult experience and having assistance from an expert cloud partner can be a cost effective and operationally beneficial strategy. Leveraging IDX’s cloud operations capabilities, to help develop an operations plan, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and process flows; or to utlize IDX’s cloud operations team to function as your operations team, can deliver exceptional value to your business. Our cloud operation services include:

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Edge (Distributed Edge)


With a growing desire that the work is done as close to the consumer of the service, edge computing is quickly becoming the preferred architecture for the modern digital eco-system.

Our work, particularly in the telecom and 5G space, has afforded our cloud team in-depth experience and great insights into the word of Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), the distributed edge and the world of operations technology (OT) networks. To assist our clients looking to invest and develop edge computing clouds we offer a number of services.

  • Edge architecture development
  • Operations management and support SOP and workflow process development
  • Computing best practices
  • Infrastructure procurement
  • Infrastructure deployment
  • Computing automation

Contact our Cloud Edge team and hear directly from our experts on how we can help you move towards Edge based capabilities.

Industry (Telco-Cloud)


To effectively leverage cloud technologies within specific sectors especially those which are regulated, industry experience and expertise is a valuable asset. IDX has helped many businesses in Telecom, Healthcare, Public sector and Retail bring cloud computing into their digital eco-systems faster and more successfully and tailored to their specific industry and business needs.

This specialized industry specific knowledge & experience is applied across cloud services including:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Cloud templates
  • Cloud automation
  • Implementation & compliance audits
  • Cloud operations SOP templates
  • Telecom Cloud design, architecture, implementation and operations

Reach out to IDX to discuss how we can support your unique industry requirements.

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