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A Next-Generation Integrator

IDX, A Converge Company

IDX is equal parts solution engineering and business consulting

To solve our clients’ problems, IDX combines a deep understanding of our clients’ business and technology ecosystems with an elite team of engineers who area relentlessly focused on achieving our clients’ business and economic objectives.

IDX engineers


IDX always starts the client journey with a simple question: Why? The business problem drives our strategy. We help you frame the business problem first then determine the opportunity for technology to address that problem.

As engineers at heart, we see business problems as architectural challenges. We break complexity into manageable components, allowing you to increase agility, minimize risk, and reduce optimize cost of ownership.



At IDX, we do not take the beaten path. We take the best one, molding technology to meet your business needs and architecting it to react quickly when those needs change.  Our elite engineers are well-versed in a wide range of technologies. We help you harness the best technology today to position you for success tomorrow.

For us, everything has a purpose. We infuse all aspects of our engagements with intent. We deliver elegantly designed technology solutions that support the dynamic and diverse needs of today’s digital businesses.



IDX Labs – the engine of IDX’s relentless commitment to continuous innovation and integration.

IDX Labs is our innovation arm, tasked with validating new solutions and designs as well as serving as the incubation engine to the successful startups that have been spun out of IDX.

More than ever, technology is evolving at an incredible pace. Through IDX Labs, we help you leverage technology to open doors within your business.



We work to understand your business and technology landscape. Our end-to-end approach to applying technology to solve business issues includes:

  • Technology assessments
  • Solution designs and architectures
  • Solution viability testing
  • Operational methodology development
  • Transitioning systems to production
  • Ongoing managed operations and support

The IDX team will remain committed to your projects from start to finish.


Our History

IDX was created to fill a substantial gap in the industry for elite engineering resources. Sandro Torrieri founded IDX in 1995 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. IDX is comprised of over 50 leaders, architects, engineers and sales and support professionals. We are known in the IT industry as a world leader for solving business problems with innovative technology solutions. IDX is steadfast in delivering upon our commitments and operates with honesty, integrity, and respect.

In today’s environment, the ability to integrate technologies to provide seamless solutions is critical. That’s our specialty.

Why Choose Us?

We provide solutions for some of the world’s most complex IT challenges.

  • Committed to partnering with our customers to improve those businesses through the use of complete technology solutions, instead of simply selling products.
  • Elite team of tenacious engineers experienced in all the market-leading technologies, as well as next-generation technology innovations.
  • More than 25 years successfully serving enterprise businesses across North America.