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Public/Hybrid/on-Prem Cloud Services

IDX helps organizations transform their IT environment with market-leading Cloud Computing Services. Our team of cloud specialists delivers highly-effective and reliable cloud computing services that optimize and accelerate your business’ cloud journey.

By empowering your business to adopt cloud strategies along with technology, we help you become more agile and responsive to the changing market landscape. Our team is focused on assisting you in making the right decisions and maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI).

We apply a structured approach to delivering cloud-related services to ensure consistent and predictable outcomes and value to our customers. The methodology follows a 4-step structure.

Perform readiness assessments
Develop strategies, roadmaps, migrations plans
Deploy frameworks, migrate data & apps, validate and document
Use and continuously improve

Our portfolio of Cloud Services

Cloud Strategy Services
– Cloud roadmap and strategy
– Cloud readiness assessment
– Cloud architecture audit
– Multi-cloud strategy and cloud viability analysis

Application Development Services
– Developing, customizing, and migrating applications
– Roadmap for infrastructure management

Maintenance and Security Services
– Continuous monitoring
– Security & Risk assessment
– Data protection
– Performance optimization

Cloud Migration Services
– SWOT Analysis
– Readiness Assessment
– Migration of workloads
– Cloud-to-cloud movement
– Validation and performance testing

Disaster Recovery Management Services
– Remote management of all backups
– Application protection
– Customized disaster recovery plans

Monitoring Services
– Cloud-based application monitoring
– Setting up alerts

Managed Services
– Governance plan for cloud infrastructure
– Infrastructure optimization for better performance and cost savings
– Improvement plans

Cloud Infrastructure Management
– Cloud data center design, development, and implementation
– Cloud infrastructure and application deployment
– Operation management

Cloud Modernization Services
– Building agile, cloud-native platform
– Implementing microservices-based architecture
– Cloud oversight, governance, and policy

Professional Services

Cloud Readiness Assessment

A cloud readiness assessment is an overarching process that encompasses organizational readiness, application discovery, and application assessments. These assessments turn an organization’s notion that it should move to the cloud into a detailed roadmap that explains how to achieve it and in what order the events must occur.

With more companies realizing the value in the agility and elasticity that virtual environments provide, readiness assessments are increasingly important, since they serve as a solid foundation before moving forward.

Cloud Journey

Using a prescriptive cloud & application assessment process and tooling, a cloud readiness assessment will identify and highlight service or capability gaps within your organization and pinpoint the applications that can be successfully moved to the cloud.

There is an industry idiom about the options that should be considered as part of a cloud readiness process. Different groups have coined them the R’s of cloud migration. The number of R’s range from 5 to 7 and include: Refactor, Replatform, Repurchase, Rehost, Relocated, Retain, and Retire. They represent the different strategies that can be applied to your existing digital ecosystem elements and what your business should consider doing with them as part of your digital transformation, cloudification, and modernization objectives.

Refactor (Re-architect)

It optimizes an on-premises application to support cloud architecture. It is the second migration strategy. Usually, falls on the other extreme of the migration effort. Because it requires a complete change and reengineering of the system or application logic to fully make use of all the cloud features.

Replatform (Lift & Reshape)

This type of migration is similar to re-hosting but requires a few changes to the application. Commonly, this approach is referred to as the lift-tinker-and-shift.

Repurchase (Drop & Shop)

This migration strategy entails essentially switching the legacy application in favor of a new but similar application on the cloud.

Rehost (Lift & Shift)

Re-hosting is the first strategy to lift and shift. Successful migration involves a server or an application as is to the new cloud environment.

Relocate (hypervisor-level lift and shift)

Move infrastructure to the cloud without purchasing new hardware, rewriting applications, or modifying your existing operations.

Retain (No Movement)

In some cases, the organization may decide not to touch certain applications and systems and postpone their migration for later in the future. Moreover, the application is too critical for modification and requires a more thorough business case analysis.

Retire (Decommission)

The strategy is about retiring systems and applications that an organization no longer needs. An organization finds applications during the discovery procedure as part of its inventory process. that are no longer actively used or have limited use.

A key objective of a cloud readiness process is to assess your existing business and digital eco-system to decide which of these strategies is most appropriate to each element.

The IDX Cloud Readiness assessment involves five high-level steps:

  1. Identify the scope and business cases for migration
  2. Evaluate available in-house resources
  3. Assess infrastructure requirements
  4. Assess security requirements
  5. Determine timeline and budget

Talk to one of our Cloud specialists to discuss how we can help your team through its cloud journey.

Professional Services

IT Architecture

IDX IT and Enterprise Architecture Services help you plan and deliver a foundational technology architecture to maximize scalability and performance.

Our service follows a framework of five (5) blocks, each of which can be exercised independently, combined or executed in a controlled order. Each business is different and each business’ current situation will dictate which elements in the framework are appropriate for them. Our architectural team works with your team to first determine which if the blocks is appropriate for your situation and will produce the desired architectural result.

The framework blocks are:
Strategize: Envision and plan IT initiatives that align with business objectives to deliver tangible business outcomes
Modernize: Focus on agility and drive cost efficiency by leveraging best-in-class technology
Enhance: Amplify architecture-based capabilities and make them actionable
Renew: Optimize core systems to drive digital transformation, new business capabilities, and agility
Transform: Create future-proof architectures and platforms to enable new business models


Business and IT alignment are often a prerequisite for successful digital transformation, but history has shown that it is often just as important to focus on how IT can be a differentiator for your business. Our architectural framework uses an iterative model to accelerate knowledge gathering to rapidly prioritze pathways to unlock IT potential to benefit your business. Within this block we offer:

  • IT strategy and roadmap
  • Chief information officer (CIO) and chief technology officer (CTO) advisory
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Technology and architecture assessment


Our team looks for innovative and creative methods for modernizing companies’ technological foundations and we help businesses leverage open source technologies strategically to improve cost efficiencies. Our architectural modernization offerings include:

  • Platform modernization and migration
  • Technology platform recommendation
  • Technology and architecture assessment
  • Operational support system (OSS) adoption


In many cases existing IT and Enterprise Architectures capabilities do not need to be torn down and recreated, but instead only need to be amplified. Within this block, our team helps create avenues to strengthen existing capabilities through options such as architecture as a service. We not only enhance the design of your platform(s) but also implement for it to drive true outcomes. Our offerings include:

  • Assessing your business Enterprise Architecture capabilities
  • Establishing architecture practices
  • Building architecture capability as a service


IT and enterprise architects deal with constantly renewing existing IT landscapes while enabling new business / IT capabilities for your business. At the same time, they need to accommodate for new technologies with minimal disruption to business and operations. To assist in renewing technology within existing architectures we offer:

  • Core architecture transformation
  • New digital ecosystem integration and data management


Using technology incubation pilots and proofs-of-concept we help customers conceptualize and transform ideas into realizations. We drive transformation through design thinking, agile models, providing rapid proof of value, scaling the solutions rapidly. Our architectural transformation services integrate with our innovative services to move your business to market leadership positions in advancing IT and technology architectures.

  • Technology & architecture pilots
  • Hybrid cloud enterprise platforms
  • Digital Ecosystem architecture
  • Emerging technology adoption
Professional Services

Network Architecture, Design & Security

Most analysts conclude that 80% of the world’s digital workloads will migrate from traditional data centers to the cloud by 2025. This will include public, private, and edge. But most networks are still built to service the networks of 2000. Every business needs to leverage cloud innovation and reimagine their networks operating in the new digital world of cloud and edge. Meeting the demands for greater bandwidth, performance, and security are today’s reality, you don’t want to be left behind.

IDX is uniquely positioned to help clients transform their networks, offering the full spectrum of services—from strategy to transformation to operations.

Enterprise Networks

Enable the Cloud paradigm through design, build, and operation of enterprise IT network solutions.

Private 5G/Cloud Networks

Design, build and operate industry OT and edge networks for critical infrastructure.

Telco Networks

Accelerate 5G rollout, achieve ultra-lean legacy network management, launch new software-driven network services.

Network Security

Enable zero-trust security across enterprise and industry OT/edge networks. Accelerate the new gold standard for improved resilience within your network.

Network Managed Services

We modernize your network operations through retooling and business process improvement & optimization, for greater agility and reliability.

Professional Services

Cloud Migration Services

Migration to the cloud is vital for companies looking to achieve digital transformation and exploit growth opportunities while preparing for disruption.

Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud

Resources & employees can be added or removed to and from the network anytime very easily and without any large costs

Cost Savings
Local infrastructure maintenance costs will decrease as there will be a decrease in rack space, power usage, and IT requirements

Employees can access work-related documents anytime and anywhere. For businesses operating in a mobile world, this is more convenient and increases productivity

Cloud services tend to be more secure than on-premise infrastructure. Stringent requirements for monitoring security are demanded on Cloud platforms making sure you have enterprise-level protection

Business Continuity
Businesses in the cloud are able to resolve issues nearly 4 times faster than businesses not using the cloud.

Cloud Migration Targets

We offer a comprehensive cloud migration framework full of industrialized capabilities and pre-configured tools, methods, and automation across all cloud models and delivery methods (Iaas, PaaS, and SaaS).

Discovery and analysis
Using migration tools, we scan and assess your infrastructure, application & data to determine best fit services based on strategic business needs.

Migration strategy
Leveraging data from discovery and analysis, we assess your business needs, identify opportunities and recommend the optimal migration strategy.

Migration planning
Our analysis tools help discover dependencies to prioritize applications and identify required remediations helping you reduce risk, time, and cost.

Migration execution
We use automated cloud management and migration tools to support a smooth transition, along with a transformation management plan to stay on track.

Cloud Partners

IDX maintains strong top-to-top relationships with every major cloud player in the industry.

Migrate to Microsoft Azure
With Azure your business can take the right approach to unlock the full promise of the cloud.

Migrate to AWS
Migrate, modernize and optimize infrastructure and business applications on AWS cloud.

Migrate to Google
Migrate faster to Google Cloud, giving you the tools to manage your multi-cloud environments.

Professional Services

Rack, Stack, and Cabling

Save your resources and the hassle of traveling to set up your servers thanks to IDX’s professional server rack design and installation service. Eliminate the worries about having all the right equipment or the skills of a third-party IT technician. Our RSC experts will design the rack, mount your gear, wire your rack, verify any high-availability configurations, and power up your equipment. At completion, you are provided with documentation and pictures of the entire installation to simplify ongoing support.

Rack & Stack Features
– Rack design and layout
– Receiving and unpacking hardware
– Inventory check, labeling, and serial number recording
– Professional assembly and rack mounting
– Power and network cables provided
– Intra-cabinet cabling as specified
– Fully documented cable list
– Final documentation of layout and cable runs

Why Choose Us?

We provide solutions for some of the world’s most complex IT challenges.

  • Committed to partnering with our customers to improve those businesses through the use of complete technology solutions, instead of simply selling products.
  • Elite team of tenacious engineers experienced in all the market-leading technologies, as well as next-generation technology innovations.
  • Over 25 years successfully serving small, medium and enterprise businesses in Alberta and throughout Canada.