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Infrastructure Management

24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

IDX Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

IDX Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

The IDX Operations and Support practice delivers full 24/7 infrastructure component (servers, storage, network elements, databases, etc.) monitoring and element level management service. Includes component/element/device status reporting, fault alerting, fault management, T3, T2 and T1 support. Management includes provisioning, de-provisioning, capacity planning, service migrations, software & hardware upgrades, software and hardware patching. May include some vendor management if required.

IT Operations as a Service

IDX Operations and Support practice offers as full service IT Ops where IDX is responsible for performing all IT operations functions for your business.

Consider this offering as your IT Operations team, responsible for all aspects of IT operations for your business which includes “IDX Infrastructure Monitoring & Management”, Backup services, Network Management services, Cybersecurity services, Software & Hardware Upgrades.

Contact our Managed Services team for explore the right IT Operations scope for your business.

Backup as a Service

IDX Backup services focuses on protecting your critical business data. It is provided using either on-premise or cloud backup infrastructure based on your needs, budget and data security and sovereignty requirements.

Includes backup and restores capabilities, status reporting.

Contact our Managed Services team for your personalized solution.

Cybersecurity as a Service

IDX Cybersecurity services include deployment, monitoring and management of security elements (firewalls, proxies, core elements, perimeter devices, zero trust policies, Antispam engines, Antivirus software, etc). Further, includes Monitoring, Detection and Response 24/7/365.

This service can be provided using IDX supplied security components/elements or configured to operate with client infrastructure.

Contact our Managed Services team for specific details.

Patch Management as a Service

Maintaining software and hardware to the most current release levels is paramount in ensure the safest IT operating environment as possible. This service caters to businesses looking for a partner to own responsibility for ensuring that the digital eco-system is up to date to all current vendor recommended support levels.

This offering begins with an initial digital asset inventory review, software/hardware release level analysis, initial remediation plan, then ongoing surveillance of vendor recommended and emergency updates. Thereafter, it is followed by application of recommended upgrades or patches in coordination with the client’s team.

Contact our Managed Services team for details.

Migration Services

Whether transitioning legacy or on-premise services to the cloud or migrating services from dated on-prem or hosted infrastructure to new infrastructure, IDX’s integration services practice can help your business execute a smooth transition utilizing our tried and proven migration factory methodologies. IDX will work with you to ensure a low risk and timely migration with minimal impacts to your business.

Contact our Integration Services team to develop a plan specific to your requirements.

Software & Hardware Upgrade Services

As both software and hardware manufacturers release new versions, businesses look to keep their environments and mission critical applications running on the latest instances. Software and hardware upgrades are a long running service from IDX’s Integration services practice. We have a tried and proven strategy to analyze and execute upgrades that are timely and while minimizing risk. Where required and technical viable, we aim for these upgrades to be minimally or fully non-disruptive. This service can include service and data migration if required.

Contact our Integration Services team to develop a plan specific to your business needs.

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