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CTO Advisory Service

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CTO Advisory Service

We help businesses of all sizes, achieve technical excellence through flexible CTO Advisory services. Whether you require an unbiased consultation about your solution, want to fill in the technological leadership gap, or seek ongoing support from a top-level CTO — we do it all while being fully responsive to your needs.

CTO Advisory Consulting

Our virtual CTO will help you develop a technological strategy, lead your team through technological discoveries, assist you in choosing the optimum technology stack, assess your technology investment costs, and vet the right talent to help grow your team. They will advise your executive team, give strategic and tactical guidance and work with your business and IT team to put for an effective technology roadmap and plan.

Fractional CTO

Our CTO for hire will support your IT team or specific project on an as-required basis, performing an independent audit of IT technology plans, technology stack, and processes. They will advise on product and technology strategy, and supervise the implementation of the necessary changes.

Interim CTO

We can provide CTO resources to provide for business continuity and deliver the technical leadership, expertise, and direction that is lacking in-house while you’re searching for a permanent CTO.

Our Advisory Practice includes a number of senior CTO team members with decades of experience guiding complex, innovative projects that will apply their skills to help your business achieve technical excellence. Regardless of the challenge — be it leading your R&D team, allocating resources and budget, developing technology strategy, or collaborating with stakeholders across the executive board — we’ll make sure your business goals and your IT technology strategy go hand in hand.

Technology Leadership

CTO advisory services for Technology, Strategy, and Governance– aligned with your business goals. Develop, monitor, recommend IT budgets. Develop KPIs to assess technological performance and ROI.

Technology Roadmap

CTO advisory services to plan, maintain, optimize and track deployments, timelines, and project lifecycles. Create KPI and performance markers for the technology set-up for maximum value on investment.

IT Project Delivery & Management

Deploy, manage, and lead any kind of technology project that facilitates project development, implementation, and integration along with access to an on-demand resource pool.

Technology Integration

CTO advisory service for integrating technology into the company’s IT framework, projects, and processes. Targeting zero-downtime, seamless information flow, and anytime anywhere access.

Technology Analysis

CTO consulting to enable deep IT audit for devising technology roadmap. Advisory services that provide IT assessment, evaluation, and technology selection to reduce software bloat, gain resiliency, and mitigate risks.

Solutions Determinations

CTO as a service to help your business in finalizing the decisions based on the latest technology, standards, and compliance regulations with a focus on efficiency and costs.

Cloud Strategy

CTO service to formulate strategies for Cloud Selection and Migration to optimize crucial business processes. Rapid and minimal risk adoption blueprint for single or multi-tenant cloud infrastructure.

Vendor/Software Analysis

Requirement analysis, proposal evaluation, contract negotiation strategies, selection of the best-fit tools to establish a future-ready IT ecosystem.

Business Continuity

CTO consultative service for disaster recovery and security planning for business-critical data. Service for small, mid, or large firms to frame BCP and contingency plans.

Project Planning

We help you devise a technical strategy, a project roadmap, as well as solution architectures that align with your business plan. We then set up the tools and the teams to realize your objectives.

Audit and Optimization

Our CTO service can audit your technology stack, product architecture, and development processes to uncover bottlenecks halting your business growth. Then produce an optimization plan and lead the execution of implementing that plan.

Project Scaling

Growing your business means scaling your technology. Our CTO service can produce a scaling strategy, design any necessary integrations, and advise internal or external resources for implementing the scalability strategy.


Our CTO service can provide oversight around internally or externally driven research and development processes, maintain and expand your current technology and compliance policies, and execute research for new tech solutions to best support your business objectives.

Ensuring Technical Due Diligence

When looking to secure an investment or validate a potential partnership, our CTO service can provide technical due diligence analysis. We’ll also analyze products, architectures, technology stacks, and workflows to produce product/solution roadmaps to ensure alignment with your overall business goals.

Technology Evangelism

Our CTO advisory team can deliver supportive and defendable advocacy for technological strategies the business is looking to implement. This can be delivered through various techniques including various forms of technology evangelism.

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We provide solutions for some of the world’s most complex IT challenges.

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