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CIO as a Service

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CIO as a Service

IT strategy and execution are paramount for empowering growth, improving competitiveness, and reducing risk. Even the largest organizations, those with their own CIO, look for strategic guidance to ensure their business is effectively aligned with their technology.

IDX’s CIO as a Service (CIOaaS) brings together the best of business, IT knowledge, and experience to help businesses look for guidance and direction on strategy and execution.

As part of our Advisory Services practice, CIOaaS brings veteran practitioners with deep strategic planning and execution backgrounds to clients looking for advice, guidance, mentorship, and execution support of your business’s digital mandate.

All Advisory Services are tailored specifically to the needs of each individual business. With CIOaaS we structure our involvement to meet each client’s strategic and tactical needs. We can function as key members of your executive or IT teams. We also coach and support your internal IT team where needed. Regardless of the structure, our CIO specialists can help your business in support of strategic initiatives and tactical activities.

So what is offered under CIO as a Service?

  • IT Assessments conducted by CIO-level professionals
  • Part-time or full-time CIO-level talent and skills provided to clients on an interim or ongoing basis
  • Proven tools, templates, and approaches
  • Access to supporting skilled resources and analytical support

Why would I engage IDX's CIO as a Service?

  • An overall assessment of IT is needed or desired
  • An urgent problem requires immediate leadership attention
  • Strong technology leadership is needed and full-time employee is not available or affordable
  • Management is unsure of the value versus investment in IT
  • The IT team can benefit from skilled coaching and development
  • A skilled sounding board is needed to help with strategy execution
  • An unexpected vacancy in IT leadership


So what types of activities are available under CIOaaS?

  • Strategy Development/Review: Is your IT strategy aligned with your business strategy?
  • Governance: Do your IT and IT projects have appropriate support and buy-in?
  • Risk Management: Can you ensure the security of technology, business continuity, and disaster recovery?
  • Organization & Staffing: Is your internal team positioned for success (including the assessment of possible IT outsourcing)?
  • Architecture/Infrastructure: Is your foundation solid?
  • IT Support Services/Processes: Do you have robust processes in place?
  • IT Supplier Management: Are your service levels and contracts appropriate for your business?
  • Quick Win Opportunities: Do you have acute problems to solve?

CIO as a Service is available in multiple forms:

  • Individual Contributor: ​Skilled CIO on-site to provide the strategic direction, guidance, and execution services​
  • Lead Contributor with Team Support: ​Skilled CIO on-site but calls on supporting ​resources as needed and agreed upon
  • Project-based Role: ​CIO is primarily involved in a specific key project​
  • Board Advisory Role: ​Experienced CIO provides insight to board​
  • Coaching Role:​ CIO can support the development of internal team
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