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We have more than 2 decades experience designing, building, deploying, managing and operating infrastructure for a diverse range of clients. Our team is proficient and knowledgeable with a wide range of skills. We have a long track record of solving  complex IT infrastructure problems for our clients.

Maintaining all the expertise required to build and run increasingly complex solutions doesn’t make sense for every company. If that sounds like you, then we can help by joining your team to:

Plan & Assess

  • IT / Business / Process Assessment
  • Strategic Planning

At Interdynamix we love what we do, but we know our services are only valuable to you if it can bring business benefits to your organization. While our roots are in engineering and technology, we are just as comfortable talking to you about IRR and NPV as we are talking to you about NFV and SDN. Interdynamix can provide expertise to help you with:

  • Business Case development – defining a base case and business benefits of a proposed change
  • Strategic Alignment – ensuring that technical outcomes further your business objectives
  • Organizational Change Management – implementing changes in technology often requires corresponding changes in organizational processes, culture, and structure
  • Implementation planning
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment


  • Conceptual / Logical Architecture
  • Detailed Design

  • Architecture and design
  • Technology selection
  • Backup and recovery planning and testing
  • Disaster recovery and business continuance planning and testing


  • IT Procurement
  • Construction & Testing

  • Source and procure hardware, licenses, and datacentre services
  • Provide System Integration services
  • Provide ‘rack and stack’
  • Perform integration testing


  • Platform Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Workload Migration

Transforming from an existing landscape to a new solution almost always requires migration of resources including data, infrastructure, and applications. These migrations can be complex, risky, and expensive, and are very often significantly underestimated.

Interdynamix can provide your organization with assistance, both in planning and execution, for a variety of migration activities including migration of…

  • Databases (for example from Oracle R11 to R12)
  • Traditional infrastructure to Converged or Hyper Converged solutions
  • Data from on-premise to cloud-based (or back)
  • Applications from one platform to another
  • Workloads from traditional datacentre to private, public, or hybrid clouds

We have expertise with many specific solutions; please contact us for your migration and conversion needs.


  • Skills Transfer
  • Operational Handover

The key benefits of converged infrastructure, including the INTERdynamix SAFEd POD, are only fully realized when it is operated using different practices, skills, and organizational structure than traditional infrastructure. Interdynamix has years of experience operating CI; you can choose to let us operate your infrastructure on your behalf, or if you prefer we can transfer that knowledge to your organization. Contact us to discuss options.

Manage Services

  • ITIL v3

Interdynamix has invested considerable resources, financial and human, in acquiring the skills and expertise to maximize the benefits of converged infrastructure. As the IT world transforms to cloud solutions, organizations shift to ‘digital business’, and disruptors such as IoT appear, we continue to invest heavily so that we remain innovative in our chosen core business areas.

For companies whose core business is not IT though, the continuous investment needed to stay ahead of the curve can erode financial performance and cause IT to be a cost burden rather than an enabler of differentiation and growth.

Let Interdynamix focus on the management and operation of your infrastructure solution, using best practices such as ITIL v3 and DevOps, as appropriate for your organization, while you focus on growing your business with IT as an enabler.