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A Breakthrough in Computing

TidalScale is the Next Wave of Computing

Running Oracle Database, SAP HANA, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, KDB, another database, or data analytics platforms? Interdynamix is excited to introduce you to TidalScale, a breakthrough new technology that can help optimize database performance, increase agility, and dramatically lower costs.

TidalScale’s software solution “glues” your commodity servers together so that they function as a single larger system. The software accomplishes this by aggregating the cores, memory, and I/O of multiple physical servers, virtualizing these resources, and then presenting them as a unified “software-defined server” to the operating system. Software-defined severs deliver the highest possible performance for workloads of any size. All of this happens with no changes to applications or operating systems, and is available on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid cloud environments. 

25X Faster Time-to-Deployment

Software-defined servers can be created and resized with just a few clicks, within minutes. This means that you avoid wasting months on sizing, procuring, and deploying specialty systems that lock you in to a particular configuration. With TidalScale, deploy 25X faster.

Higher System Performance

Software-defined servers deliver “in-memory” performance for your largest database workloads—whether those workloads are contained in a single large database instance or within multiple database instances. Operating with all active data in memory yields the highest possible performance, often 10X greater than the alternatives.

Half the TCO

The building block for software-defined servers is commodity hardware that’s the lowest cost, fastest to procure, and easiest to operate. This means that you avoid purchasing inflexible specialty systems with million-dollar price tags. You also minimize your core-based software licensing costs. These cost savings translate into being able to run your same data center for HALF the TCO compared to the alternatives.

Unparalleled Agility

Because TidalScale allows you to build-as-you-grow, your system is always exactly the right size to fit your application needs. You can easily scale up or scale down as these needs evolve.

TidalScale & IDX Relationship

Discover 25X Faster Deployment, Higher System Peformance and 50% Cost Savings with TidalScale

TidalScale customers include various Global 1000 companies. Read the case studies Here:

TidalScale has recently partnered with IBM Cloud, enabling the smoothest possible transition from your current setup to TidalScale in IBM Cloud. For customers deployed there already, or planning to deploy there soon, Interdynamix has got you covered! 

Interdynamix focuses on enabling the software-defined data center (SDDC) for our clients. With the inclusion of TidalScale in our portfolio of offerings, we can empower our clients to configure their infrastructure dynamically and provision services automatically. Leveraging TidalScale’s disruptive technology and innovative approach, Interdynamix is ready to help our customers solve their business challenges. Find out what we can do for your business. 

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